Save backlinks to the Favorites list

Manage researched backlinks, add and remove them anytime.

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I have found the most powerful backlinks, what's next?

When using LinkMiner, you don't need to copy the results anywhere else. Just select results with the highest potential to earn, save them the Favorites list and continue with your research.

The list is named after the competitor's domain for your easier orientation. Continue creating backlink lists of your competitors.

Why should I save backlinks to the Favorites list?

The Favorites list is a perfect option to keep the track of valuable backlinks you plan to replicate or if you don't want to lose the results of your backlink analysis.

You can save the backlinks to the list as you go, continue with the backlink analysis and get back to the Favorites whenever you are ready to replicate the links.

Remove backlinks you have already replicated

Have you successfully leveraged your link building skills and techniques? Congrats! Now you can remove earned backlinks from the Favorites list.

Open the list and click on the star again to remove these backlinks. You can access, remove or delete the saved data anytime.

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