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How to do backlink analysis?

LinkMiner is a backlink analysis tool to find and steal competitor backlinks with the highest potential. It means performing quick backlink analysis to identify the most powerful links.

Thanks to critical metrics and features you will immediately know how your competitors are using backlinks to get more SEO traffic.

How to start in LinkMiner?

Enter your competitor's domain, hit the button “Find backlinks” and start backlink analysis that is fast and effective.

Backlink categories, on-click and advanced filters, the Link Strength metric and embedded website preview enable you to find and replicate backlinks that really matter.

Categories that make backlink analysis easy

Digging in tons of competitors' backlinks can be tricky and time-consuming. In LinkMiner, you can select from link categories such as blog, Q&A, RSS feed or forum.

By using them you smoothly find the links you can replicate in seconds. Moreover, save them to the Favorites list and get back when you need.

Find the most powerful backlinks

As a productive SEO professional, you barely have time to go through thousands of backlinks. That's why we incorporated both quick and advanced filters to LinkMiner.

Filter Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks, display only active backlinks on one click or use advanced filter options.

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